Specialty Products

Coconut Chips

Chemical-free naturally sweet coconut chips are made from 100% pure coconut and sweetened with low glycemic, nutrient-rich organic coconut sugar. These naturally sweet coconut chips are high in fiber and energizing fats. We source these healthy munchies from the Farmer institutions in Kerala.

Vegan Meat

100% plant-based meat made from raw tender jackfruit with great texture and taste. Its a guilt free healthy alternate that helps in managing , diabetes , cholesterol and promotes a healthy weight loss


A2Ghee is churned from the pure milk cream of grass-fed indigenous desi cows. A2 cultured cow ghee is gluten-free and unlike regular milk, A2 milk contains only A2 protein, which is healthier and safer than A1 protein. It is a great source of energy and promotes cardiovascular health. This ghee is granular in texture and has a great aroma. We source the A2Ghee from the Native cows reared by the smallholder farmers of Theni and from the desi dairy farm in Gobi, Tamilnadu.

Garcinia Paste

Garcinia is commonly called Kudampuli in the households of Kerala. This has found its way into the kitchen counters across the world as it is highly effective in managing obesity. It is one of the key ingredients used to make delicious fish curry. It also has other medicinal properties like aiding in lowering cholesterol levels and promoting a healthy heart. This product is developed by the scientist of Krishi Vigyan Kendra for the Farmer Institution in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala in the Southern part of India.

Nutmeg Candy

Nutmeg candy is made from nutmeg fruit covering (pericarp), honey, and natural sugar. It is not only delicious but also healthy. It aids digestion and provides immediate relief from all digestive issues.


Jaggery or whole sugar that contains the natural goodness of minerals and vitamins is made from sugarcane juice. It is versatile and can be grated or broken up and then used as a replacement for refined sugar in any food or drink. Traditionally the tropical inhabitants used jaggery as a blood purifying agent. We source 100 % sulphur–free jaggery directly from the farmer groups and micro-enterprises from the Southern part of India.

Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot is a starch obtained from the rootstock of several tropical plants. It has derived its name from the Arawak word “Aru-Aru” – Which means a” meal of meals”. This powder is processed in a traditional manner without the use of heat and harsh chemicals. It has a great amount of potassium, iron, and Vitamin B, which is great for speeding metabolism, Improving the immune system, and promoting a healthy heart. If you are watching on your weight this is a great alternative as it is gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, and paleo-friendly. We source this unique organic in nature product from Farmers Producer Company in Palakkad district of Kerala.

Banana Powder

Presenting toxin-free red banana powder from the farmers of Theni and Kunnan kaya powder or raw banana powder from the small and marginal farmers from 9 panchayats of Katampazhipuram in Palakkad. Kunnan kaya Powder is an ideal baby food supplement. The” Kunnan kaya” or sliced and dried raw banana is procured from farmers who follow 100% natural farming methods. These sundried bananas are then powdered for consumption. It is loaded with potassium and other vital minerals and vitamins. It boosts immunity and aids in digestion. Being gluten-free, it is a healthy alternative to wheat flour. It acts as a hydrating agent and promotes colon health.

Moringa Seed and Powder

Moringa Powder is made from dried leaves of the moringa tree. In addition to being rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, it contains vital minerals and vitamins like Calcium, Iron, Potassium, vitamins A, C, and E. It has a myriad of applications like food supplements, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory agents. It also helps in checking diabetes. The Moringa seed and the powder is sourced from the farmer institution in Theni, Tamilnadu

Jackfruit Powder

A tropical fruit packed with nutrients which has an interesting story in deriving its name, which is from a Malayalam word Chakka, which, a Portuguese scholar, wrote as 'jaca' and later became jackfruit in English. Jackfruit has a low glycaemic index and provides some fibre, protein, and antioxidants, all of which promote better blood sugar control. We use raw jackfruit with 60% maturity. It is then dried under the solar greenhouse and made into fine powder. It is an excellent addition to your diet food. We procure it from the farmer institutions in Kerala.


A tropical fruit that derives its name from the Arabic word “Tamar Hindi, " which is an “Indian date". In Indian cuisine, the tangy tamarind plays many roles. It acts as a preservative, a cooling agent, and a remedy. The tamarind paste relieves the itchy feeling in the mouth that comes from eating tubers like yam. It also plays a crucial part in balancing flavours. Tamarind pulp contains a variety of nutrients that can boost your health. We source and process the Tamarind naturally. We procure this natural tropical fruit from the smallholder farmers of Kerala and Tamilnadu.

Wild Honey

Wild honey is raw honey with a rich flavor. This honey is usually procured from bees residing in forests that are free from the usage of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Since these areas are pollution-free, this honey is known for its exceptional flavor, is used as a folk remedy throughout history, honey comes with a myriad of benefits both health and medicinal. Here the honey is procured from tribals of Attapadi (Kerala), South India which is naturally extracted, unpasteurized, and free of adulteration. This honey ensures that one consumes real natural wild honey with the purity of its natural nutrition as in from the Honeycomb.