Black Pepper

Pepper is considered the 'King’ of spices for its strong aroma. It is an inevitable flavouring spice on the dining table. The insatiable appetite for this spice makes it the most traded spice in the world. It is rich in vitamin B and is excellent to treat respiratory and bone-related ailments. This spice with the strong lingering bite is sourced from the hills of “Kollimalai”, a beautiful place in the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu, which is the home of the tribal community. We source the Pepper that is naturally grown, handpicked, sun-dried, cleaned, and packed by the tribal farmers of Kollimalai and from other Farmer Institutions in Western Ghats.


Cardamom the queen of spices is a flavourful pod spice in the ginger family that is commonly used in Indian cuisine. Green cardamom is often used in traditional Indian sweets, in masala chai (spiced tea), and in the most loved Biryani. It has unique anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which are used for medicinal purposes. Our export-grade 8mm pods are procured predominantly from the farmers in the Cumbum and Idukki Region of the Western Ghats which is known for its rich and unique assemblage of flora and fauna.


Turmeric has a long affiliation of over 4000 years with food, beauty, and medicine. The active compound, curcumin — has many scientifically proven health benefits, such as the potential to improve heart health, prevent Alzheimer's and cancer. It's a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. The higher the curcumin the better the effectiveness. On average, turmeric has 2% curcumin. We source turmeric with a high curcumin content of 4.9% from smallholder farmers of Pathanamthitta. We also procure Turmeric that is bright in colour from Alleppey in Kerala. They are cultivated with technical assistance from Krishi Vigyan Kendra.